Web Design Process


Each stage represents a week in our timeline. Stages can sometimes move faster or slower than others depending on how we work together and how quickly feedback can come in. But this is a great guideline as to what will happen. .

Lets gets started


~ Client – Pay a 25% deposit payment to secure your spot + sign the project contract
~ Designer – You begin the tasks we have assigned as well as gather all site content and imagery
~ Designer – We schedule your project

stage one

~ Client – All finalised and proofed content due
~ Designer – Start outlining and drafting site design.

stage two

~ Designer – Continue to design site and test functionality

stage three

~ Designer - I’ll send you a link to your home page
~ Client – You’ll provide feedback within 3 days

stage four

~ Designer – Continue to apply feedback to website and create the rest of the site.
~ Client – Provide feedback or sign off.
This part can take between 1 - 2 weeks depending on amount of feedback rounds.

stage five

~ Client – Sign off on final site design after 2-3 rounds of feedback.
~ Designer – Run through final site checks

stage six

We – Decide what day this week you want to launch your site
~ Client – Will upgrade your Squarespace account
~ Client – Pop the champagne your site is now live!
~ Designer – Will finalise any checks
~ Designer – Keep in touch for future website updates/education/ training/help or further projects.

Notes: Important - all content needs to be final. No drafts, placeholder text or photos unless discussed prior or we are doing a Website Content Kit for you.

There are 2-3 rounds of feedback included in our Website Packages. To stay on schedule, feedback needs to be made within a maximum of 3 days to ensure you get the full amount of feedback time if it’s needed. We provide you with a feedback form so you can easily enter your feedback online, no need for lengthly meetings or phone calls.

Any changes made outside of the package will be charged at our hourly rate.