Your website design brief

Before we begin your website design, we want to make sure we create a design you will love.  Please fill out the form below with as much information as you can provide. Please note once you start you cannot save it and come back to make sure you put some time aside to complete it. Please make sure that you fill out usernames and passwords correctly otherwise this will cause delays.

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A domain name is your websites url, most of the time you would have bought this from a site like godaddy and have login details. eg: Username: SWD_domain Password: #46hyeuid
This is so I can connect your social media accounts to your website. Please make sure they are correct before putting them in the brief.
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If we are doing a one page website please provide me with your photos
eg: Renovations, scaffolding, painting, re-roofing, re-cladding
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If we are doing a one-page website this section does not apply. Please go the the next question.
eg Event information, About, Testimonials, Contact, Mini bio, team photos, Pop up opt-in, newsletter sign up, mini portfolio or services gallery
eg: 1) Sign up to a newsletter 2) Go to relevant page (personal coaching or business coaching) 3) Contact me
eg: Establish credentials and drive bookings for my corporate and personal coaching packages Host some content
eg: Contemporary, fresh, stylish, professional
eg: female, 25-45, probably in HR, PAs or owners of organisations
eg: - like the contemporary feel, nice and minimal feel -really elegant and the font is nice and simple - like use of black and white and strong images (too much text though)
eg: - too fluffy/girly and dont like fonts
Does not apply to one page sites. eg: health, fitness, business, general news
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