Domain Name


Domain Name

There are two things that I recommend when you are doing domain settings with Squarespace.

The first is to change your built in domain and the second is to connect a third party domain.

Change your built in domain

Changing your built in domain makes your squarespace url way easier to remember and fits in with your brand. Usually the Squarespace built in domain will be a bit random so its nice to be able to customise this when your building your site.

Settings>domains>built in domain>change the domain>confirm and the page will refresh.

You should be able to see in your website url bar that it is now customised.

Connect a third party domain

Its a good idea to use a third party domain provider for a few reasons.

  1. You can pick anyone you like and they usually have other services attached

  2. More options to choose from

  3. Prices will vary slightly

But how do you know which domain provider to pick?

The two top name providers I recommend are Godaddy and Only Domains.

What you need to look for when picking a domain name provider are a few things

  1. The support - do they have online chat? or Can you call

  2. The interface - is it easy to use

  3. Price

  4. Does Squarespace have instructions for it

  5. What will the installation be like?

If your totally new to setting up domains go with Godaddy as you basically have a one click install and its very simple.

If your a bit more confident with domains and can follow Squarespaces instructions go with Only Domains or one of their listed domains that has instruction. The process is a little more manual abut again you have more choice.

There are quite a few different instructions on setting up your domain with Squarespace depending on what provider you chose. I recommend checking out their detailed documentation for each one.

Connecting your Domain to Squarespace

Joanne Whyte