Settings Menu

Settings Menu

Let’s take a look at the settings menu.


The settings menu is where we will be selecting options for your site and inputing information about your business.

The best thing to do is start from the top and work your way down with the most important sections.


Business Info is where you can enter the details about your business, including name, address, contact details, physical location and hours. This info is used by Google so its a good idea to fill in as much as you can.

Some templates do show this information so make sure you are ok with that.


Selecting your region with help with your websites settings, it lets your website know where you are so throughout the site things like blog dates and times are posted when you want them to post.

Here you will need to select your country on the map and select your language, geography and if you have an ecommerce site select your measurement standard.


The Permissions panel is where you can grant other people access to your site.


Upgrade or downgrade your plan under the Billing & Account tab.


Be sure to enter a site description under the Basic Information section. 


This is where you will manage connecting your domain to your website.


This is where you can setup your own Gsuite account. Check out Squarespace’s guide on the terms and conditions as well getting a FREE YEAR.


The Connected Accounts section is super important. Link your social media profiles to your site here.

Make sure when you are connecting your account that you are not logged into any other accounts as your site will automatically try and connect to that site.

If you manage multiple facebook pages you can also chose page to push to.


The most important section in this tab is the Search Engine Description. This is the info that will show up on Google when your site appears in search results.

Try to communicate clearly the value visitors can expect when visiting your site, up to a maximum of 320 characters. The rest of the content can be left default while you're getting started.

If you need help with counting your description try using a word counter.


Configure your eCommerce store with the controls in this section.

Check out the Squarespace Commerce documentation for some in depth insights into what all of these settings do.