Pages Menu

Pages Menu

Let’s take a closer look at the pages menu

Site Tree

On the left hand side this is what I call The Site Tree, The Site Tree holds your navigation, blogs, galleries and all the different page types.

Depending on your template it can be made up of three to four sections.


Primary navigation, Secondary navigation, Footer navigation and the not linked section.

The Primary Navigation - Is used for creating the main navigation on your site. In most templates it connects to main navigation on the right hand side of the live window.

The Secondary Navigation - Depending on your template you might not have this option but if you do, you can use it to create another level on your navigation, which will appear with your main navigation. Depending on how you style the style editor will depend on where it shows exactly on the live window.

Footer Navigation - The footer navigation is used to put links in the footer of your website.

Not Linked Section - The not linked section is a place where you can put pages that will not show up in your navigations

Each of the pages types can be used for a few different things. Let’s go through some of the pages that might be more unfamiliar to you so you can get a better understanding of each one.

Page Types

There are also different pages that you can use. Refer to the template notes for a full explanation on each page type and how they work.

Cover Page - Cover pages are great to use for a multiple of things such as 404 error pages, landing pages, sign up pages and more. You can really get creative with them depending on what you need your site to do. They have minimal information on them with simple design and a few call to action buttons.

Folders - Folders are used for creating a group of items in your navigation and they can also be used to organise your site tree.

Index Page - An index page is a page that acts very similar to a folder but instead of displaying the content as a drop down navigation it will display it as a long scrolling page.

Blog - This is the blog icon for your site where you can have full blogging capabilities.

Gallery - A Gallery is where you can store all your photos.

Link - A link is used for linking one area to another.

Products - If you have an ecommerce website this will display all of your products.

Events - You can use this page to share workshop dates, or events with your users.

Album - If you need to create or share any audio tracks this is the page that will do that.

Page Settings

Inside each of your pages is a page settings. To get to this all you need to do is hover over the page and look for the cog wheel.

Drag and drop

To organise your pages you can easily move anything around and put it in the right place by dragging and dropping it.

I recommend that you have a little bit of a play around with the navigation so that you can get used to how it works and the page types.

Delete a page

You can delete a page by hovering over the page and looking for the trash can.

If you accidentally delete a page, Squarespace will store it for 30 days in the deleted pages section down the bottom of your site tree. You can go into the deleted pages section and restore any page you accidentally delete.