Interface Overview

Interface Overview

Now that you have created your site, you should be able to see the back end. On the left hand side is a grey navigation menu this is where you will control everything that your site does.


I call this the site tree where all your pages, blogs, galleries and navigation are stored. It’s also a place where you can navigate through your site.

I’ll be going through this in more detail on your specific template design setup.


This is where all of your settings are for designing the look and feel of your site, from customising the font, changing colours and setting up your logo.


This is where you will manage your inventory, create discount codes and really manage the admin area of running the ecommerce functionality of Squarespace.


This menu is designed to hold all of the extra options you need to promote your site. From creating a promotional pop up to inserting your Facebook pixel.


The analytics menu is where all of your info and insights are stored for who is visiting your site, whats the most popular content and how many visitors you have plus much more.

It works a little bit like Google Analytics. With Squarespace you have the option of using this built in menu or you can install your Google Analytics.


This is where all the settings of your website is stored. It’s really an admin tab to control the behind the scene work.


If you ever need any help you can always access this tab and it will take you straight through to the Squarespace Documentation guides.

You can also email Squarespace for help or chat to them directly on their Squarespace Chat.

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