Content Blocks

Content Blocks

Content Blocks are the foundation of your site. You can add, move, and combine blocks on a page to create a custom layout. Each block is designed to add different types of content to your site.

To add a content block edit your page, then hover over a page area to insert a content block.

A window will appear with all the different options. Let’s add in a few spacer blocks so you can see how it works.

You can easily drag and drop each of the content blocks to get your desired layout.

I recommend having a play around with using the content blocks, resizing them and moving them around the page so you can get familiar with how they work.

Check our your templates notes and documentation for a list of all of the content blocks and what they do.

Basic Blocks

These blocks are pretty self explanatory as they say what they do. There is also a search bar at the top of the window so when you start to learn all of the names of the content blocks you can use that to easily find them,

Image Blocks

  • Poster Block

  • Card

  • Overlap

  • Collage

  • Stack

These blocks are used fo inserting images and some of them also have places for text as well. Each of them have unique layouts and ways you can use them.

If you load up an image and need to do a last second adjustment, you can also do basic edits inside Squarespace.

Once you have loaded your image look for the Image Editor button. When you click on that you can now do a few edits to your image. Just be aware that any edits you do inside Squarespace wont save a copy to your computer.

Gallery Blocks

Gallery blocks are used for displaying a collection of images. You can upload each gallery on the page or you can also connect to a gallery page that you have already uploaded on the site. They each have different layouts that you can choose from to display your images.

Summary Blocks

Tricky at first to master, these are great blocks for being able to pull information from another part of the website to show certain content on a page. With the proper tagging and categorising, a summary block will display the images you need. It can pulls content from Blog pages, Event pages, Galleries or Merchandise pages. They each also have their own unique layout and settings you can change.

More Blocks

A whole load of great features, including a basic Form, Newsletter sign-up form, Map feature, a predesigned menu layout, and a Calendar grid. There are also some trusted third party apps that work well with Squarespace. These are usually targeted for certain kinds of websites.

Filter and List Blocks

Commerce Blocks

Chart Blocks

Social Blocks