As a Kiwi we all love to have a go at DIY. Let’s take DIY renovations for example. We all have that one person in our family who says “nah, don’t get the builder in, I can fix it” 5 hours later your house looks like a demo site, the wall has been painted the wrong colour and your stressed out thinking, great, now I have to get the builder in to fix this and the problem before.

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It can be the same for DIY websites. Don’t get me wrong, some people have mad skills and can design, code and develop great websites. But for most of us out there who run our businesses, have kids, have a million things going on, can you really say that sitting down and learning all there is to know about design and building a site, stressing out, choosing the right platform, figuring out code, connecting your domain and making sure it's responsive and then producing a design that attracts clients is something you have time to do?

If yes feel free and let me know how much hair you have left at the end of it.

Get paid to do what your good at

If no, welcome to the world of spending more time getting paid to do the things your good at and make money in, and goodbye to loosing your hair. 

This may be a controversial topic and people may totally disagree with me but I believe in people doing the things they love in their businesses and outsourcing the things they don’t have time for and are not trained in.  

Yes, there are website builders out there that make it easier to do DIY but again you still have to learn how to make it work and design it. So again you are spending more of your valuable time and money on an area of the business that could be outsourced.

But it's just to expensive! Yes getting someone to design and build your site has a cost, however, if you work out the time it takes you to learn, design, build, implement and fix any issues then times that by your hourly rate or earning capacity, how much money are you loosing not spending that time in your business?

Keep the creative juices flowing

If you dream of being able to still stay involved in the creative side but leave the rest of the stuff to someone who you can trust to handle and build you something that works? Why not, right?


Not only that but you also have to maintain the site and this is where Squarespace is incredible. Most of my clients have their site designed and set up then they can easily do small updates themselves. Like posting blogs, updating photos, changing text etc.

They have the choice to be able to maintain the site themselves without having to hire a designer or developer which is great and because Squarespace is so easy to use its a no brainer.


So what's my point? There is literally so much work that goes into designing and building a successful website. Getting a professional to do it for you will help you keep your hair and then you can focus on the things you love, while having the option to update it yourself, or have someone do it for you, but you have a choice.

Let's work together

Got an amazing business idea you need help bringing to life? Time to refresh your existing brand? Ready to get serious and connect with your customers with a stunning Squarespace site?


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