Whats a brand board? why do you need one? And how do you use it?

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What is a brand board?

Brand boards are essentially an overview of your brand from the logo and main colours that you use, to the font and photos that inspire the brand. It can instantly tell someone about your brand visually. I think these are vital when you are developing not just a logo but your brand, a logo is just one part of the story, where a brand board, can tell you from start to finish what your brand looks like.

Why do you need one? 

1. You can refer to it anytime

When you need to remind yourself of a colour or texture or even feeling about your brand all the vital information you need is there. I put the hex codes in my brand boards so that you can easily copy and paste when you are doing anything for web.

2. Design consistency

Keeping your brand consistent is super important, it's how people recognise you and if it's different every time how will people know it's you!

3. You can share it easily

If you're working with someone who needs to design something for you or even just needs to see what your brand is about its an easy one-page document that you can share with them.

4. It helps the branding process 

When you are in the process of creating your look and feel of you brand it brings all the elements together in one place so you can see the overall completed look and this is handy in the branding process because you might decide that some elements you have chosen are too feminine or too bold.

How do you use a brand board?

Let's say you are doing some changes on your website and you can't remember what font it was that you were supposed to be using, just open up you brand board and there will be the name of the fonts you need to use. It's that simple! Or if you need to look up the colour value, to keep the same colours throughout everything that you do, all you need to do is refer to your brand board. It keeps you on track and all the hard design decisions are done for you. 

Here is an example of my brand board I created for Simply Whyte Design. For privacy purposes, you can't see the specific details, because...well, it's a secret...shhh! 


Are you ready to get a brand and a brand board and put all the pieces together to create something awesome!?! Get in touch with me below.

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