What makes a good logo?

Al logo is one of the most important parts of your business. It's how people see your company, it has a certain look and feel, is your company trustworthy? Solid? Reliable?

To create a great logo and brand its important to think about having something a bit different, maybe something out of the ordinary that will stand out. It needs to attract your target audience, it needs to visually communicate what your company does and it also needs to be easy to recognise.

Heres what I do.

1. A clear brief

A brief is so important as its the instructions I gather from you that tells me exactly what you want. The more specific you can be with what you want the easier it is for everyone.  I gather information about what your company does, what makes you different, what you want, your target audience, what styles, colours and fonts you like and dislike. 

2. Research

After getting an in-depth brief about your company, where you see your brand going, what you want and what I should stay away from I get stuck right into research to get inspired.


  • What is the look and feel that would suit your company?

  • What do your competitors look like

  • How can we make your brand stand out?

  • Who is your target audience and what are they attracted to?

  • What colour palettes and fonts will be suitable? 

All these questions I find the answers to and then move onto the next stage.



By now I have a pretty good idea of where we are going with your logo so I get to work with putting concepts together. A good logo should be simple and stylish, not overworked. It should be smart, clean-cut and creative. Its hard to keep it simple and the need to try and put every single detail in your logo can be a distraction from the real goal. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Think about the most famous logos in history, Coca-Cola, Nike, Macdonald’s.

Once I have finished your concepts I put a presentation together that will explain the whole process and help you to refine what you like, whats working and whats not.


At this stage from the concepts we do all the little changes on the selected logo. A good logo should be instantly recognisable and identifiable. How can we make it really unique? This is where slight changes such as a certain colour or font will visually communicate that something unique about your company.

5. Get Feedback

Getting feedback from friends and family members on your logo design is important but remember everyone will have a different opinion, if you listen to everyone your going to end up with a logo that has a little bit of everything and nothing that you want. Trust your instincts and what you think is right for you and your target audience.

5. Final Files

Then you are ready for your final files. A good designer will prepare your logo for the big wide world and provide you with not just the files but also a guideline that will help you to use your logo in other formats and keep your brand consistent. I will provide you with this as well as a full colour logo and black and white copy of your logo.

Joanne Whyte