What is responsive design?

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Get your phone out, your ipad and your computer and go to any site. What do you see on each device? Is the site static and on your phone hard to see? Do you have to zoom in and scroll around for the details?

What you should see is a design that is responding and resizing to all of your different devices no matter what they are. The text and images should all resize and look as if they are being stacked. Here is an example of my site and how it responds to the window size. 


As you can see the site changes it layout slightly to fit to the device that it is being shown on. The 2016 stats for the most popular devices used to search the internet are super interesting. 

What I'm getting at is, if your site is a bit out dated and not responsive then you maybe missing out on a lot of potential customers and clients.

So if you check your website and its not responsive then quickly flick me an email and find out how I can help.

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source https://www.globalwebindex.net/blog/80-of-internet-users-own-a-smartphone

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