What is a Squarespace Website siteplan?

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In my web design process, I use siteplan to plan what types of pages and where each page will link to. 

There are three reasons why I do sitemaps.

1.) You need to plan out what pages you need and what pages are the parents and what pages are the children.

2.) It helps me to see how many page types I need to design. For example, the layout for a contact page will be different from the home page. Those are two different page type designs but if we design a service page and you have five different services you offer, you may not want a different design for each service. We would use the same page type. 

3.) If there are too many page types, or not enough page types then I can adjust the sitemap easily to fit within the page types we are trying to get.

4.) By planning out the pages this then translates into the pages that I build on your site. From there a sitemap becomes ingrained your site and then this is what google uses to crawl the structure of your site.

So what does a siteplan look like? I've gathered a couple of examples so you can get the idea.


If you have a large site or a smaller site, siteplans are essential for planning and getting it right from the start. 


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