Three Work fit tips for entrepreneurs

I know I’m totally guilty of not taking a break and exercising, as I’m designing all the time on the computer so this guest blog post is all about helping you to look after yourself.

Jill from Positive Energy Fitness has kindly shared with us three work tips to keep us going when we are all busy, stressed and working away.


Are you taking care of yourself?

It’s the start of yet another working day for many people and with that our minds turn to what needs to be completed to ensure our customers are taken care of. But… are you overlooking one very important ingredient in the care process? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you forgetting about your own well-being? Do you know it can be very simple and quick to increase your vitality whilst in the work environment? Here are 3 easy go to self-love – self-health actions. It will only take 5 minutes for you to feel refreshed and ready to go again.

1. Step away from your desk

Close your eyes and move your head up and down in a slow and deliberate nodding action. Extend this into a very slow rhythmic rolling of the head. First one way, then the other. Take care to really go slowly and enjoy the sensation of the movement. Allow yourself to think only of the movement and love the sensation of how it feels.

2. Shoulder Shrug

Drop your shoulders. Let all the tension slip away. Physically feel how good it is to let the clenching go. Now shrug the shoulders and roll them up and down and round both ways. It’s amazing just how much tension and stress we hold in our shoulders when we are working on our computers or doing close work. Shoulder clenching creeps in slyly and before you know it your neck is starting to feel sore and may even lead to a headache.

3. Stretch

Touch your toes or allow your head to drop down with your hands dangling as close to your feet as you can. Relax as your body bends over, releasing all the tightness in your back that has accumulated whilst sitting and working on your current project. Allow your hands to graze the floor and feel that gentle stretch in your hamstrings. Enjoy how your body feels as it is allowed to release the stiffness.

These 3 quick and simple tools can help alleviate the beginnings of tight muscles, muscle tension, and tiredness. They don’t take long to do, but can really make a difference if you incorporate them into your daily practices every hour or so. Remember, you cannot take care of your customer or clients without first caring for yourself.

Take a few minutes for some self-love.

Guest post written by Jillian  from Positive Energy Fitness, check her out on Instagram 

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