The countdown begins!

Uni briefs, tick, studio project, totally rocket it, start Simply Whyte Design, tick.

End of year exhibition…..still to come.

The countdown has begun! While some people can’t wait to get out of uni, I do have to say that I will be a bit sad. Yoobee has been such a great and positive place to learn and the tutors and people I have made relationships with are by far the most fun, amazing, creative and passionate people I have ever met. I can really say that they are on form.

Once the end of year exhibition has been, I will be pushed out into the big wide world again and be working on my business full time.

On another note last night was the first TDK night and it was really interesting. I met a few different people from other schools and hopefully in the future it will grow and I will get to meet a lot more like-minded people. If you feel like having a yarn and a beer the next one will be coming up shortly. 

Something else quite exiting happened yesterday as well, my good friend Liss won a competition for Volcom School of Cool Workshop and took me along as her guest (Thanks Liss!!!). We got to see the famous typographer Gemma Obrien, who to say that least was mind blowing. Rachel Urquhart an illustrator from Australia who was so kind and easy to talk to and gave me some really good advice. Her blog is also full of such lovely art work. 


Not only did we meet some lovely people last night at TDK and the Volcom School of Cool but we got some neat free stuff too!

I have to say the next phase is going to be a really busy but exciting one but I’m ready for the challenge.

Sweet Free Stuff

The bag was made right infront of me, so cool! Illustration to the right by Rachel Urquhart

and funky coasters by Jamie Brown.

Joanne Whyte