What is an Instagram Style guide?

The number of brands using Instagram increases every year. However, brands must understand that achieving success on Instagram doesn’t merely involve posting anything they want, whenever they want. 

If you want your brand to slay it in Instagram, there must be a clear vision and strategy on how to consistently deliver the best content for your community. That involves communicating a clear visual style and this can be achieved by using an Instagram Style Guide.


What It Is?

The style guide is one of the most crucial components of any social media strategy because it tells you how your brand must appear and act online, creating a cohesive look across all social channels. It usually consists of all the necessary elements for your content.

Why You Need It

Content is king or queen and is the basis of your presence on Instagram. However, keep in mind that your online presence must be an extension of your brand. Following a framework on every piece of content you produce will help you deliver eye-catching content and ensure brand consistency across all channels.


How to Create It

An Instagram Style Guide can consists of the following:

  •  Composition. Not every social media marketer is an expert photographer, but it pays to know the basics about photography. Pay attention to the background, white noise, lighting, and subject, among others.
  •  Color Palette. A great way to create a distinct style for your brand is to select a color palette. Try to think of your brand colors and visual style and translate it to your content.
  • Fonts. Text is used as an overlay on photos and videos. Choose a font you're already using on your website and other marketing materials. This will make sure your content will be recognizable instantly.
  • Filters. If you decide to use a filter, choose the right one and make it your signature one. Think about the mood you wish to capture because filters evoke certain feelings on your audience as they scroll through your feed.
  • Captions. Captions are there to support and enhance your content. Whether you choose to use short, snappy texts or treat it as a place for micro-blogging, make sure that the copy is still aligned with your brand.
  • Hashtags. Hashtags make it easier for your community to find your content. Find out what people in your community are actively using or create one that can be a signature hashtag for your brand.

Instagram is a great tool for building your community, increasing brand awareness and showcasing your company culture and values. However, you need to have an Instagram Style Guide to help you maximise all the benefits that this channel has to offer.  

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