Six month and six things I've learned freelancing

Well it's been about six months or so since I left my full time design job at Toast. I miss the team heaps but still keep in touch with them which is nice. I did get to go and eat pizza with them a few weeks ago and join in on the Fat Friday sessions lol or "Shredding" as Steve liked to call it.

Six months is a pretty massive milestone for me, and I wanted to share some useful tips I have encountered on my journey.

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1. Community Over Competition

I honestly can tell you that when I made contact with others in my industry or experts in certain fields it was genuinely because I stalked the crap out of them and loved their work, what they believed in and they type of people they were. I wanted to make friends with them because I'm stuck at home all day, alone, and it's nice to have friends that understand that and that you can just reach out to and share things with. Plus because I loved their work or thought they were the bomb at what they did, I had no problems recommending them. 

This led to great friendships and also we have referred each other business. I mean how cool is that!?! 

2. Get an accountant and learn a bit about Tax

When it comes to numbers, I won't lie, I'm crap. I can't do maths, let alone try and work out all the complicated stuff that goes on with tax. So I'm lucky that I knew that from the start, so sorted this out straight away and whenever I have a question about what to do I have back up. I also spent a bit of time on the IRD's website learning the basics so I could at least have some sort of idea about what goes on. They do offer free seminars/training as well for small businesses. Which you can check out here.

3. Learn your limits

This one was a hard lesson to learn but taking on too much work at one time instead of spreading out the work almost killed me, but I had to do it. I didn't know what my limit was, I didn't know how much or what kind of work I could take on at one time. I do now though!

4. Keep learning

If you are not learning you can't grow in any aspect of your life. Find courses to do, check out skillshare,  there is so much available and so much to learn about business. 

5. Do it your way

If you are running your own business, you chose this path for a reason. If you don't gel with someone, don't take them on as a client. If you want to do things a slow, old hacky way because you enjoy it, then do it! There is no right way and no wrong way, just what works for you.

6. Celebrate wins even if they are small

Most of the time I celebrate my wins with Ruby and Lilly and when Dan gets home he gets the full force. It's so important to recognise small achievements as well as the big. If you are running your own business everything you do has been generated by you, nothing has been handed to you, everything is work and when you get a satisfying outcome you should celebrate. 

So there you have it, a few things I have found out in my time freelancing and I hope that it sheds some light on my journey and helps others. Here is to another six months!


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