PEG together

On Wednesday night I attended a workshop at a up and coming business Peg, located in Albany. 

Some of you might remember the stylish Misc. coasters from my studio project, these were done by the lovely Karen who owns Peg.

Peg specialises in laser cutting and engraving, on pretty much anything you can think of, even bananas. 

There was networking, nibbles and a demonstration of the laser cutting machine along with a cute little gift bag that had the teeniest tiniest peg with my name on it. Way too cute.

You know the saying its a small world? Well it seems as if the creative world is even smaller! I bumped into one of the designers from Toast, who I spoke to at my exhibition about my work. Crazy.

I also met a really friendly photographer who I may be working with in the future
(I’ll keep you posted on this)

I took a few snaps of some of the work that was on display and the laser cutting in action, enjoy.

Joanne Whyte