O.A.K – One Of a Kind

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Every now and then I get the urge to do something really random, like start designing my own cute, boutique one of a kind homewares. Its been a bit of work over the last few months but its finally here and my first cool little designs are out.

When Dan and I bought our house we went nuts with Kmart items, Warehouse, you know…how can you beat getting a copper clock for $30!?! Well it sucks when you go into someone else’s house and you realise that they too thought the copper clock was awesome. So that one piece you thought was a bit cool just became an everyday item.

I kind of got sick of this so decided that I would create some cute,one of a kind pieces for people to have in their homes. Yup, its a lot of work, one design, never repeated, ever again! But it means that you can always have that cool,one of a kind item in your house and know that no one else has it.

Being a designer and also being from Scotland are two very hard things. On one hand I love beautiful looking items but the Scot in me hates spending well, pretty much any money, so I’m always torn. So this was another thing I wanted to do, price items so it will satisfy that inner Scot in people.

Its very much just an idea and just starting up but I think its pretty cool and hopefully some other people will too. 

So if your reading this post, I never acutally know if people read my posts (I just put it out to the world and see what happens) help me kickstart O.A.K and go to the FB page, share, like, love, comment you know, get it going. 


Joanne Whyte