I've been Toasting for a year!

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What the!?! One year at toast already, I don’t believe it. What an amazing place to work with such cool people, not only have they managed to put up with me for a year but they have also taught me so many useful skills. A big thank you to the Toast team for taking the leap of faith and believing in me, it means more to me then Milco’s unhealthy obsession with chocolate. 😉

I’m still surprised that I have even made it this far especially after all the tricks I play in the office and how many annoying questions I ask. Thanks Toastie’s love ya!

All the knowledge and experience I have gained from the team is flowing through my work and I look forward to seeing what my design work looks like in another year. (hopefully freakin awesome)

I’ve got some more items to put up on my portfolio so stay tuned! Oh and Toast had an awesome website facelift check it out here www.toast.co.nz

Joanne Whyte