I've been Toasting for 3 weeks now!

Its been like a complete world wind the last few weeks.

Just before graduating Dan and I got the news that our beloved home that we have lived in for the last few years had been sold. So it’s time to find a new place to live and with the rental market not making much room for little Ruby we have started the great hunt to buy a house. EEEK!

It was also time to break into the industry and get a job! So after a few interviews and trials I finally managed to swindle my way into a great studio on the north shore. TOAST.

(A big thanks to Karen at PEG who helped me with these great leave behinds, I had a few others as well that said things like, “All day I dream about Toast” and “Got Toast”).


Toast is such a fabulous company and has a great variety of work and so far I have worked on some really cool projects. This Friday just gone the first magazine I’ve worked on got approved and will be on shelves in no time. (Geeky photo to come soon)


The team at Toast are so fantastic to work (and are also a bit cool) with and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work.


So what does this all mean for Simply Whyte Design? Well it means that I work day and night. Pretty much the same as when I was at uni. I thought that once uni finished I would chill out a bit and get a job and then just work 9-5 but unfortunately I always seem to have ants in my pants and have to do everything.


I have a few clients at the moment that are keeping me on my toes so I have room for one more if anyone needs anything done.


I will be continuing to run Simply Whyte Design, work at Toast and try find a house for Dan and I to live in all at the same time. Piece of cake….right?

Joanne Whyte