How to Customise Your Own Branded T-Shirts

Promotional materials are great, inexpensive items that businesses can use to attract interest and build a customer base. A custom branded T-shirt is one of the easiest and most effective items to use.

They do not require much work for you to produce and they don't take long to make. Plus, they are versatile and available in many different options. 

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Custom branded T-shirts can benefit your business in the following ways:


Unlike other promotional items like mugs, T-shirts give your business more visibility. A T-shirt can be worn by everyone, anywhere. It then becomes free advertising for you when people wearing your T-shirt become like walking billboards for your brand.


Custom branded T-shirts can be worn as a uniform by yourself and your staff giving you a cohesive look. It makes your team easily recognisable especially when you participate in public events and conventions. This immediately contributes to brand recognition. At the same time, it also builds camaraderie among your team and helps make each member feel like part of the group. 


Aside from giving the T-shirts to your team though, you can also use them as contest prizes, freebies, and giveaways to your customers. These marketing strategies encourage customer engagement and inspires brand loyalty. Customers always appreciate winning something. 


Custom branded T-shirts can also be sold as merchandise and help you promote your business at the same time. While this is not part of your main source of income, the additional revenue wouldn't hurt.

If you’re looking to have custom branded T-shirts made for your business, check out our newly launched section of our site, The Brand Boutique. The Brand Boutique was born out of our clients' requests for promotional items, such as shirts, bags, and cards, that carry their branding. Our products are made-to-order using the best quality materials and using our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment. 

We currently offer a wide variety of T-shirts for both men and women, available in many different colours and sizes. It takes us only 3 to 5 days to complete an order and we can ship to both domestic and international locations. 

Customising your own branded T-shirt is easy with The Brand Boutique. Simply follow these steps:

Choose your product

Simply click on your T-shirt design of choice. As mentioned above, we currently have women’s and men’s apparel available.

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Customise your item

Customising your chosen product starts with choosing your preferred colour and size. After this, you can start designing to your heart’s content. The website will take you to our design software where you will have the option to add a design, text, and team name to your selected product. 

We also have several stock image options for you to choose from or you can also upload your own. You can likewise format your text any way you want and change the font, colour, outline and position, as well as add effects.

how to customise your tshirt

Complete your purchase

Once you’re done, the system will save your design and all you have to do is determine the quantity of your order. The corresponding price of the item/s will appear before you check out, along with the shipping fee. You may pay for your custom T-shirt order via Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal. 

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