Graphic designers are awesome

I’m feeling energised, motivated and excited! This is all thanks to an amazing person, Frankie Ratford, who came as a surprise guest speaker at Yoobee Design School today.

Frankie is not only an established graphic designer, but is also the Director of The Design Kids(TDK). TDK is a company that is bridging the gap between students and the graphic design industry. Currently TDK is an Australian based business but is making its way over to New Zealand as we speak. 

Whilst living in Dairy Flat is fantastic, asking Ruby the dogs opinion on my designs is not exactly going to work, well not all of the time anyway.

With Uni coming to an end in a few months, I have always been conscious of not becoming too detached from the rest of the design community, but Frankie and The Design Kids are on a mission to help people like me achieve what seems impossible. 

This is definitely a lady, and a business, to look out for. Stay tuned for developments and exciting opportunities coming soon from TDK. 

…Oh and of course like the nerd that I am, I had to get a photo.

Below from left to right is me, Frankie, the lovely Pam (who is my tutor), Anna (Student Employer Coordinator) and one of my good friends Liss (an up and coming graphic designer)

Also a big thanks to Andrew for taking the photo.

If you want to have a nosey at the website.


Joanne Whyte