Graduation, makeovers and a new beginning

The Simply Whyte Design website has had a makeover, I’ve graduated from uni and now its time for a new beginning.

Graduation night was probably one of the top highlights of the year to say the least. The food was yum, our projects looked great and everyone got to show off how hard they have worked for the last year.

A huge thank you to Pam and Jason for not only being the best tutors I could have ever had but also for just being awesome human beings. Nothing would have happened without the support and knowledge of these two great people.

I also wanted to mention a good friend of mine Liss who when I didn’t believe I could do it, or was having doubts about my work would always back me up. Thanks Liss!

It was officially the last day today of uni and while I was super sad to say a quick goodbye, I’m also really excited to see what this new chapter brings. 

Congratulations to 14ADGD07, we made it!!!!

Engage was the theme.


Jason actually looking photogenic ;P 

All our hard work 

That’s me nervously chatting to a design studio about my work, eeek!

My blood, sweat and tears. 


Joanne Whyte