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When I'm designing anything for a client I like to imagine the person I am designing it for. Who are they? What do they like? Where do they live? What car do they drive?

Recently I had a client meeting where I found that everything the client was asking me to do was a complete contradiction of the target audience she wanted to attract, basically she was asking me to design for herself without knowing it. 

I thought to myself that this would be a really helpful blog post for people to read so that when you start thinking about what you want your brand or your website to look like that it reminds you that you are designing for your ideal client.

I've put together an example of a client avatar. You can apply the same principles to your own ideal client. 

Having a client avatar helps you to stay on track, rather than doing something that you like, you need to be thinking about what your clients would like. What are they attracted to? 

Do you need your own client avatar to help you stay focused? Get in touch with me using the form below and lets get creating! 

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