Can't you just copy and paste that from google?

I love this question, love it. I also love giving the!

I’d like to say that its thats easy as googling for your image, copying and pasting it onto your document and then sending it away for print or putting it up on your company site.

So, how do you get photos for your brochure or company website that you are creating? The number one way I would recommended is to get a photographer or take the photos yourself if you are really good with photography. Initially you may not want to spend the money but you know the saying a picture speaks a thousand words? Well its totally true. A photographer can do all the hard work for you and take amazing shots that you will be able to use over and over again that are exactly what you want, so you will get your money’s worth for sure.

Not only will you have beautifully shot photos but from a technical side you will have the originals which means you will have them in a high resolution. For printing its recommend that you have images that are 300 DPI (dots per inch) so it comes out clear and crispy. This means you can also have your images at any size, a billboard, flyer anything you want. The possibilities are endless.


(photo credit

The other reason is that if you want to look professional, like you mean business, photos have a large impact on the way you craft your brand.

And the bottom line is, its not your photo. Someone else has taken that photo, no matter if its of their child playing or a company office photo. It belongs to them. If you are going to get photos off the internet to put on your brochure or site then they need to be royalty free, commercial free or paid for photos which you will get a license for. This is the safest way to go.

You can also get images with a creative commons license, some people are happy for you to share their photos as long as you credit them . Here is a site that will help you understand the different types of creative commons license. 

Still think that using photos from google is the way to go? If you have a different view please feel free to let me know. 

Joanne Whyte