busy, busy, busy!

Why hello, I haven’t posted for a while and for a few good reasons too. Simply Whyte Design is taking off!!!

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely hectic. With three new clients coming on board the cogs are starting to turn and things are heating up.

I have also done my first sponsorship for Rosedale Pony Club. Being a huge horse enthusiast this was a project that I thoroughly enjoyed. 


Something you might not know about your local pony club is that when they have an event they need to have an ambulance present in case of an accident, but this doesn’t come cheap. Its around $600 for the day! 

To solve this slight bump in the road, I offered my design services to revamp their One Day Event Program and flyer. I painted a one of a kind image for them so no more clip art! They now have fully customised documents where they get local businesses to send in their logos and pay a small sponsorship fee to support the club. 

I’m happy to say, because of this, they now have full funding for the ambulance to be at their event and the businesses that supported them now have some huge exposure to new clients.

A big shout out to Rosedale Pony Clubthe lovely people that run it, and a big thank you to
their sponsors. 

I will be heading over to the event that is happening on Sunday the 12th of April to see all the riders in action. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please let me know and I will put you in touch with the right people.

Imagine, believe, achieve.


Joanne Whyte