Behind the scenes at Simply Whyte Design


Wahoo its Friday!!! My first week full time week of living the dream, completed.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being so supportive and cheering me on. It's the most amazing thing having people around you that believe in you.

I thought that I might get off easy on my first week but no. I've completed a website (which will launch soon) started work on a new brand and started on another large project which I'm sure I can show you a sneak peak of later on.

In the mean time here is what it looks like in my new office, a bit of an upgrade from the first little corner desk I had in the old flat. There is even room for a cider fridge! Which I'm hoping to install later hehe.

Check out my assistant photo bombing! 

Check out my assistant photo bombing! 


I'm looking forward to colabs, meeting new people, smashing out blog posts and helping you to create that slick looking website or snazzy brand. 

But for now its Friday and I'm off to enjoy the sun and have a cider. 

Chat soon x