Mood boards are a visual explanation of what you think your project should look and feel like. They can be combinations of fonts, colours, textures, images - pretty much anything really that has been researched, and, when collated, have a tone of voice that looks like your idea or brand.

In my case I use them mainly for collating a visual voice for branding and website projects.

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Here is an example of a mood board where the style is very bold, neon, and in your face. Something like this is trying to attract outgoing, strong and funky people. 


This mood board has colours and tones that are natural, smooth and minimal, giving it the feeling that the clients are stylish, expensive, peaceful.


Now you try with this mood board. What are three words you would use to describe the feeling it gives you? How about elegant, a bit sexy even, edgy? 

I feel like the women in the photo even might be their type of client. She wears high fashion, black, is thin, and upper class. See how a mood board can instantly give your project a personality?

These are three totally different examples of mood boards and when you really break it down and focus on the colours, textures, and images, and put them together in a mood board, you literally create, well, a mood. Sounds silly but its true! A Mood board is incredibly valuable in the branding process as it helps to communicate what your style of visual voice is going to be.

Check out some of the mood boards I have created for client logo and branding projects

I include a mood board in my logo + branding design where clients get a JPG and PDF to refer to whenever they need. If you would like to get started on creating your brands visual voice, let's get talking and schedule a free 15 minute chat today.

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