A little bit of this and that

After a much deserved break its now time to get back into work but not before I share with you some of the amazing things I got to see on my holiday.

I was lucky enough to get whisked away to Melbourne and Sydney for a week by my super star partner who also was named employee of the year on the Friday before we left for our trip. A pretty good start to the holiday! 

Melbourne was cold, amazing, eye opening, beautiful and delicious, sooooo delicious. I’m pretty sure I’ve now go the winter chub to keep me extra warm now.

I have previously lived in Melbourne but mainly out in the country so getting to explore the city and with my new design eyes was really just out of this world. There is something about Melbourne that has design so right!

From your local fish n chips shop to the high end jewellery store every part has been designed and thought of. My poor partner had to put up with me collecting every takeaway brochure and flyer on the planet to take home with me and stopping every 5 minutes to oogle a poster or menu.

Not only was beautiful design everywhere but I got to meet a successful designer who was so lovely, so friendly and just an around cool chick. I made contact with Dani from Neverland Studios when I was about to leave for my trip and didn’t think I would get a reply but I did!


From there we met up for coffee, she gave me heaps of great tips, told me about her story and gave me some names of other designers to follow. Away in dream land I was as when we finished catching up, I totally forgot to pay for my hot chocolate! So big shout out to my new friend Dani for not only being so helpful but for covering the bill. When your in NZ next its my shout. Feel free to check out what Dani does here.

At this point of the holiday I didn’t think it could get any better but there was more to come. Our good friends Meg and Lachlan have just had a little sproggit name Marlow who was to die for. See the photos below for my first encounter with a mini human.


I caught up with my brilliant brother, Mikey, who if you don’t know already is a freelance fashion photographer. His work is mind-blowing and he's so much taller than me but he is still my little brother. Check out some of his work here. 

I also finally got to see a real live Andy Warhol as well as a Picasso, of course I had to get a nerdy photo next to them!

We went to the markets and even the way the stall owners laid out all the  produce was beautiful. 

We even made it to H&M, which by the way was about the size of Albany mall!

It was such a fun holiday but I did miss Ruby! 

Joanne Whyte