A bit of DIY

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Well hello readers, As promised I thought I would share a little bit of DIY that has not much to do with graphic design but more with just being a bit of a DIY nut. 

As we are new house owners Dan and I have suddenly become obsessed with cushions, metallics, magnetic knife strips and DIY that can make our new home a little more Jo and Dan. We have a huge space above our couch that needed filling and being the cheapo that I am, I didn’t want to spend $300 on a piece of art and then have to frame it. So this is where my handy, dandy, DIY skills came into action. 

I skipped along to Kmart and found a really nice poster frame that was large enough to fit the space, it was a bit bigger than A2 size so it was perfect. I then went on a mission to find something to put in the frame but I couldn’t find anything that I quite wanted so thought, why not make it myself? 

After a bit of a creative session with the other half we decided we wanted edgy looking wolves, so I put my design skills to the test and created this beauty. I got it printed up and put it in the frame and hey presto. So here it is…and we love it! 

I really loved doing this and hopefully I can get into it some more, so if you feel like you need a piece of art work that is a one of a kind. I would love to create something for your home. Instead of going and buying something that everyone else has why not get something completely individual made?

Joanne Whyte