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I'm constantly on the lookout for website designs that I love. I stick everything I find on my Pinterest board, Website Inspo but these 5 websites really caught my eye this last month.

1. Tasty

There is something about food imagery that always gets me. Its always stunning. Apart from the really fresh and tasty looking imagery on this site the layout of this website is beautiful. The only thing that I'm not 100% on is the script font used in some of the headings and possible the logo on the top left hand side of the site getting a bit lost but other than that this is a great example of a nice layout with amazing imagery that brings together a great looking site.

2. Handsome Bean

This site was designed by a designer who I've seen pop up a lot on my Pinterest searches and I had to pin one of her portfolio pieces. I think this site really does the logo justice and features it well, the imagery again is on point and the layout makes it so easy for the eye to engulf the visual information presented. 

3. Coalesse Concept 

This site has such an interesting layout but also the treatment of the menu is super cool. I don't know how all the elements would work responsively but I still love it. I feel the designer here has really thought about the use of layers, using elements with an opacity to create depth and the use of typography has added yet another layer of great design.

4. Uno

What an amazing use of white space. You don't always have to fill your whole page up sometimes less is more!

5. Swallows and Damsons

A portfolio based site that elegantly showcases the flower shops work. Stunning, easy to use and does its job very well. You could just keep clicking and scrolling all day looking at their work.


If you want to see more websites like these check out my website inspo board on Pinterest. 

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