11 more ways to keep your brand consistent

Keeping your brand consistent and monitored is one of the hardest things no matter what size your business is. You may have new people who come on board who aren't aware of the brand guidelines or you may work with a partner company who needs to use your logo but uses it incorrectly.


When you are trying to attract a customer or client you need to speak to them, and I don't just mean actually talking. I mean, speak to them through your look and feel of your brand and keep the same consistent message throughout. 

If you want to hold an event and your brand is about being holistic and believe in promoting an organic, free-range, vegan lifestyle, hold an event with food that relates to your brand and is similar to your message. You need everything to fit in with your brand so the more times people see it, hear it, talk about it, they can instantly recognise your business. 

Here are a few things you can do, or have, in your company pack to keep your brand consistent

  1. Create a client avatar
  2. Design a Mood Board
  3. Stick to your Brand Guidelines and make sure others do too!
  4. Your own company image library
  5. Process documents on how you deliver messages or launches
  6. When you expand the look and feel of your collateral put images in the brand guidelines so you can see your overall look
  7. Have social media templates, hashtags and a tone that is the same. Usually having someone plan posts a month in advance will make life easier
  8. Empower someone in your company to be the brand manager, it's a good idea to have someone who can be the one point of contact who knows your brand inside and out
  9. If you are curating and sharing content on social media make sure it fits in with your brand and values
  10. Keep the same tone of voice when dealing with customers or clients, think of the best help desk service you know for example. Squarespace chat have the best tone of voice when dealing with queries, it almost makes you want to contact them for a chat.
  11. The last one is if you brand is online, printed, on a car, or anywhere make sure that from each medium you transfer the look and feel of your brand.


DesignJoanne Whyte