Logo & Branding Design Process


Each stage represents a week in our timeline. Stages can sometimes move faster or slower than others depending on how we work together and how quickly feedback can come in. But this is a great guideline as to what will happen. .

Lets gets started


~ Client – Pay a 25% deposit payment to secure your spot + sign the project contract
~ Designer – You begin the tasks we have assigned as well as gather all site content and imagery
~ Designer – We schedule your project

stage one

~ Designer – We’ll send you first draft of your mood board and colours
~ Client – You’ll provide feedback
~ Designer - We will make any changes

stage two

~ Designer – We’ll send you first draft logo concepts
~ Client – You’ll choose one of the concepts and provide feedback to refine chosen concept
~ Designer – We’ll update the concept based on your feedback
~ Client – You’ll provide feedback within 3 days

stage three

~ Designer - We’ll create the rest of your brand
~ Client – You’ll provide feedback within 3 days
~ Designer - We’ll create your brand board and start getting your final files ready

stage four(only applies to social branding & deluxe packages)

~ Designer–We’ll create any social templates and provide you with drafts of your brand copy statements
~ Client – You’ll provide feedback within 3 days
~ Designer – We’ll update the designs and copy based on your feedback

stage four

~ Designer– We’ll send you your final files in a Google Drive/Dropbox folder
~ Client – Pop the champagne, your new brand is ready to go!

Notes: *

There are 2-3 rounds of feedback included in our branding Packages. To stay on schedule, feedback needs to be made within a maximum of 3 days to ensure you get the full amount of feedback time if it’s needed. We provide you with a feedback form so you can easily enter your feedback online, no need for lengthly meetings or phone calls.

Any changes made outside of the package will be charged at our hourly rate.