Graphic and web design studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We specialise in Squarespace Web Design, Logo & Branding, and Digital Design.  


Are you looking to rebrand, revamp or take your first step into visual deliciousness for your business? Are you looking to work with a boutique design studio who understands small to medium sized businesses, and how to reach your dream clients? Well thats us! Enter Simply Whyte Design.

We are passionate about helping you and your business reach new heights of success with design that attracts your target audience.

Spice up your visuals, recharge your brand and charm your audience.

Simply Whyte Design understands the needs of small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. Your business ideas and our expertise and passion for helping brands through our design is an excellent mix to help you reach success for your business.

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We work with small to medium sized businesses & entrepreneurs from all over the world

If your’e a driven, passionate, friendly, small to medium size business or entrepreneur looking for a Squarespace site, logo, social media or Mailchimp design and are ready to invest in design, then your in the right place!

The hustle can be hard enough but we are here to make it easier for you by providing you with show-stopping designs and design services to take your business to the next level. 

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Digital Design & Marketing

Reinvent the way you market, through branded social media and Mailchimp newsletters. You want your target audience to recognise and reach your business anywhere in the digital landscape.

Our imagination helps us develop digital solutions for brands. Ignite that spark of interest from your target audience and engage them through eye-catching designs and templates.

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Logo & Brand Design 

Every business needs branding. Just having a logo isn’t enough, you need to completely define your business in every aspect – it’s the only way to make a true impact with your brand.

In defining your business branding, visual perception is vital. Everything people see that relates to your business should accurately reflect your brand. It’s more than choosing colours that you like, and we know the perfect formula to create you a brand that is show stopping.


Website Design


When it comes to getting website for your business, it’s not just all about the way it looks. Its about the customer journey and how it can fit into your business to make your life easier.

Let us take the reins and create a Squarespace website that is built to work, last, engage users, and most importantly be easily updated. 

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We creatively solve your graphic design obstacles.

We creatively design solutions to jump over those design obstacles. From business cards, ebooks, magazines, brochures, stickers, adverts, and brochures to anything else you can imagine. Graphic design that inspires a story and propels your business.


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