DIY Website Copy Brief

So you have decided to write your own website copy, but darn it, where do you start? Writing the perfect words can be a little bit difficult thats why we have created a workbook Crafting Your Copy. This workbook will guide you and give you prompts on what you will need for your website copy.

Download the PDF workbook below & send it back to us before your project start date or if you prefer you can use the online form version, which is just below the PDF.

Please note once you start filling out the online form you cannot save it and come back to make sure you put some time aside to complete it. Take a quick scroll through the questions to make sure you have everything you need before starting it.

Name *
eg: female, 25-45, probably in HR, PAs or owners of organisations
eg: Renovations, scaffolding, painting, re-roofing, re-cladding
e.g. formal, slang, casual, friendly
e.g. terms and conditions, cancellation policy, or anything specific to your business/industry, *extra fees may apply*
eg Auckland hairdresser, Sydney Recruitment agency, House propping
The home page is all about a brief overview of what you do, who you do it for and how you can help people. Keep it short and to the point. You can go into more detail on your about page.
Your About Page is all about explaining what you do and who you do it for so that your ideal clientele is immediately attracted to your company.
People want to know exactly what they will be getting before they invest, so write a list!
People also love to know a bit more about how it all works, before they put their money in or get in contact with you. Keep it short to the point and easy to follow.
The Contact Page is all about providing very clear instructions on how a potential customer can easily contact you.
Along with a contact form, you might want to also include some extra contact details if applicable like: Business address, business email, business phone number, hours of availability, how many days it will take to reply to an email (eg 1-2 business days).
If you don’t have any FAQs yet, use this as a section to answer questions that you think will come up, or questions that haven’t been answered anywhere else on the website.