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Reinvent the way you market. You want your target audience to recognise and reach your business anywhere in the digital landscape.



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If your’e a driven, passionate, friendly, small to medium size business or entrepreneur looking for Mailchimp, Social Media, or digital design that brands your business for the online world then your are in the right place!

We design all sorts of online content to extend your brand and reach more customers in the online space.


Why choose
Simply Whyte Design?


We don't need a cape to help you. But we do have a cape composed of an industry standard diploma and use industry standard software. That means you get the best of the best from all the correct places.

This makes sure our out-of-the-box problem-solving skills are high quality and can help your creative needs.

We handle every brand we encounter with high standards of artistry, and enthusiasm for your own passion and commitment to your service or product.

We build relationships.

We care about you and your business. It's important for us to understand our clients to create meaningful designs. We want our creation to look good AND feel good with the core of your brand and your audiences.

Our core values

We believe in innovation, imagination, education, honesty and community

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How it works

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+ What do I need to have ready?

Before your project start date you will have your brief(s) completed along with any other requirements. Things like your Pinterest board or inspiration, photos and copy. If this isn't completed before the start date then we can't begin our process.

+ Are there any other expenses?

We will always let you know if there are any other costs that come along the way in the project, costs are outlined in your electronic estimates and invoices.

+ Can we have a face to face meeting?

Due to the nature of the fast turn around times and how we run the business it is generally best to meet either over skype, email or phone.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

We take a 25% deposit to book your job and the rest of the payment is due at the end of the job.

+ How do I pay you?

We currently accept bank deposits as well as credit card payment and Paypal. (Credit card payments and overseas payments do have merchant fees)

+ What currency are your prices in?

As we are based in New Zealand all our prices on our website are in NZD, use this currency converter to find out what our prices are in your currency.

+ I still have a few questions, can we chat?

Sure! Get in touch with us and we can set up a time.

+ How can I give you changes?

While we are working on a project together the best way to give us changes is to email them. We work a lot faster this way and prefer to.


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