You've built your website and you're hearing crickets.

So you have your beautiful new website designed- and you love it! It is all working well, and yet, you’re hearing crickets. Where are the masses of people who should be contacting you through your website?

Well guess what? Building an online presence for your website does require a few things apart from just having your website up and running!

  1. You need copy that speaks to the people not at them

  2. You need the research and online marketing to drive people to your website. Think SEO, SEM and SMM.

  3. Once they have landed on your website, you need appropriate methods for them to connect with you.

  4. Your need a beautiful, well designed website to attract the right people.

It’s all about having a website that is well designed combined with the right research and marketing to get you noticed quick.

Picture this- your website is the new kid on the block. It probably hasn't introduced itself to Google, or other websites and search engines, or said hello on social media. While your website has a lot to say, it might not be saying the right keywords to be seen by the right people. 

This is where SEO, SEM and SMM comes in. So many abbreviations, I know! It's ok, don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It's basically where you make your site as friendly as possible for Google and other search engines to come along and see if it wants to rank your site and get it noticed by your target audience. 

What does SEM stand for?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which is typically researched and paid for marketing. Imagine Google AdWords and remarketing ads. 


What does SMM stand for?

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing, which is all about using social media to market your business, think targeted audiences seeing a Facebook advert that is mixed with content marketing. 

All of these are factual and researched based ways of marketing. Data is put out into the big wide world of the internet, tested, results are monitored and measured and based on what the outcome is a strategy can be formed.

While these services seem like they come with a bit of a price tag, remember that what you are really paying for is a valuable secret insight into how you can build a strategy to capture and entice more traffic, which should result in more leads.  In my mind, I would rather invest in result driven data instead of boosting a Facebook post and praying for the best.

These things all help you to make your internet footprint bigger and help your website reach and meet new people- your people!

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