What is the best Squarespace template?

Picking a template for a website is fun but overwhelming at the same time. All we want to do is add a touch of our personal taste on how it will look. Be careful not to add too much though. A website shouldn’t only be good-looking, it has to be functional, too!

Choosing a template sounds daunting to most people because it’s the first thing that needs to fit your website and purpose well. Don’t fret. A lot of people get confused with Squarespace templates at first. Here's my guide for choosing the best Squarespace template.

What is a Squarespace template?

Designing a Squarespace site usually begins with choosing a template. A template provides a structure for the site and determines its style and functionality. You can customise it, move the content, or just play around with the template.

But remember that each Squarespace template is built specifically for exclusive use in the platform. They each have their own built-in style parameters and functionality which you can customise to help you create a beautiful, professional-looking website for your brand or business. 

How do Squarespace templates work?

Many of Squarespace templates are a part of a template “family.” A template family is a group of templates with a similar underlying structure, special features, and style options. Each template family has a unique feature but all templates have common characteristics or functionalities:

Adding Layout pages so you can make custom layouts of text, images, and more

  • Adding blog posts, galleries, products, events, and music using specially designed collection pages

  • Creative Cover pages where you can go for fun, bold, or whatever you want

  • Showcase your products with varying commerce feature 

  • Updating the websites font and colour 

  • Using the Squarespace built-in content management tools: blocks, analytics options, and site settings.

While you can customise your site to suit your needs, each template has certain style limitations. You cannot mix and match features from different templates, which makes choosing the right one very crucial. 

Checking Your Template

Curious about your current website’s template? Or perhaps you want to check the template family it belongs to? 

Discover your template with these steps: 

Go to the Home Menu and click Design

  • Click Template to open the template panel, which lists all the templates you have installed or previewed on your site.

  • The template you are currently using has a Live label next to it. The template will have a Previewing overlay if you're previewing a template.

Isn’t using a template cheating?

Not really. I think it's a win. 

Even if a lot of people are using one template, it doesn't mean they all use it the same way. Adjustments are made depending on the purpose of the website. Back when websites were first built, the word template meant you get what you see. It's a pre-designed webpage that anyone can use for creating a website. 

Templates today are so much more advanced. With Squarespace, I use the functionality and the way the templates work. But I still have the freedom and flexibility to code, design and create a completely custom website using the Brine template.

The Brine Family Template

I use templates under the Brine Family because they have the most options available when using the style editor. The templates are extremely customisable for desktop and mobile! No two websites ever come out the same. 

A beautiful, professional website can be created for any brand or business using the Brine Family's special features: 

  • Parallax scrolling Index Page - Helps create an illusion of depth and immersion using a vertically-stacked Index Page.

  • Advanced commerce features - Includes quick view, product zoom, and on-hover effects.

  • Multiple navigation areas - Has three separate navigation areas (Primary and Secondary Navigation for the site header and Footer Navigation for the site footer) that can be styled independently.  

  • Customisable mobile styles - Optimise how your site appears in different mobile screens like smartphones.

  • Modern blog page - Consists of two adjustable layout options to showcase your images, videos, and other content.

  • Content inset - Create eye-catching layouts using special insets for text and other blocks.

  • Site languages - Choose the language for your site's built-in text including French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

Quick template saving tip

Finally spotted a favourite among this sea of awesome templates? Find it easily next time by clicking the heart next to its name. All your favourite templates can be found under My Favourites when you’re on the Template menu. 

Choose the best template!

Take some time to decide which one fits your website. Use a Squarespace circle member or a trusted Squarespace designer to create a site where you have the option to update it yourself or hand it over to them. 

From all the template families, I recommend the Brine template family. It’s my favourite for a really good reason. It’s flexible to use so you can never go wrong with it. 

Download our list to collect all the Brine templates together! This includes all the links to each one so you can view them easily.

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