What is a Squarespace Website Site Plan?

In my web design process, I use a siteplan to plan what types of pages and where each page will link to. These are si important to use as they help both client and designer to plan, change, discuss and figure out where all the content will go, how the pages relate to each other and to have an action plan to get started.

Creating a site plan speeds up the process for everyone. You really want your web designer to spend all their time creating and crafting the perfect website for you, rather than going back and fourth about what page goes where and what content needs to be placed.

There are four reasons why sitemaps are important.

  1. Planning is key

    You need to plan out what pages you need, and what pages are the parents (top level) and what pages are the children (sub level). This helps to structure the website.

  2. Page Types and page amounts

    Every website has different page types and also has a different number of pages. By using a sitemap you can see how many page types need to be designed and how many pages there are in total. An example of different page types is having a home page and then a page that has a totally different layout would be a contact page.

  3. Easy to change 

    If there are too many page types, or not enough page types then it’s easy to adjust the sitemap to fit with what you are trying to achieve.

  4. Speed

By planning out the pages this then translates into the pages that are built on your site. From there a sitemap becomes ingrained into your site and then this is what google uses to crawl the structure of your site.


So after all that what does a site plan look like? Below are a few examples.

If you have a large site or a smaller site, siteplans are essential for planning and getting it right from the start. 


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