What is a Facebook Pixel and How Do You Install it Into Squarespace?

As a business owner, you spend money, time, and effort on advertisements. Ads are necessary to get the word out there about what you do and what you can provide to encourage people to not only visit your site but to ultimately make a purchase. However, have you thought about whether what you are currently doing is worth it? If you're using Squarespace for your site, you might want to install Facebook Pixel. It is an analytics tool that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by tracking visitor actions on your site, such as when a purchase is made. This enables you to understand your audience and build better advertising campaigns that attract the right people and drive more sales.

Installing it on Squarespace is quite simple and involves only two major steps:

1) getting the code from Facebook and

2) installing it on your site.

Step 1: Get the code from Facebook

1. Go to Ads Manager and find the Facebook Pixel section.

2. Click the green box that says Create a Pixel.

3. Type your own Pixel name. Note that you can only have one per ad account. It is only when you upgrade to business manager that you will be able to add up to 10 additional ones.

4. Click Create.

6. Copy the Facebook Pixel code. This is what you are going to put on your site.


Step 2: Install the Facebook Pixel Code to Squarespace

1.     Log in to your Squarespace site.

2.     Find Settings under the Home menu and click it. Click Advanced, then click Code Injection.

3.     Copy and paste the Facebook Pixel code into the Header field.

4.     Click Save on the upper left corner.

This is what the new Code Injection should look like:

Once you have installed the Facebook Pixel on your site, you will now be able to create new audiences and find potential customers by placing an event code on key pages of your website. This event code will track actions on your site depending on which ones you want, such as page visits, purchases, and even the number of items people add on their card. For details on how to install an event code, you can visit the Facebook guide for more information.

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