The Psychology of Fonts

Just like other design elements, different font types convey different things. Choosing the font type to use for your website is just as important as choosing the colors. Each font type has a matching tone and personality, so it is important to carefully think about how you want people to perceive your business. Learn more about the different types of fonts below to make it easier to choose the right one to use for your brand.


What it says: reliable, impressive, respectable, traditional, authoritative

Popular fonts: Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond, Bodoni, Baskerville

Sans Serif

What it says: universal, clean, stable, modern, objective

Popular fonts: Arial, Helvetica, Century Gothic, Calibri, Verdana

Slab Serif

What it says: modern, strong, bold, solid, funky

Popular fonts: Courier, Rockwell, Museo, Bevan, Clarendon


What it says: elegant, feminine, friendly, creative, intriguing

Popular fonts: Lucida, Brush Script, Pacifico, Lobster, Zaphino


What it says: stylish, sharp, fashionable, intelligent, exclusivity

Popular fonts: Politica, Majoram, Infinity, Eurostyle, Matchbook


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