The perfect way to test your next tattoo + why they’re good for business

Remember how children just scribble all the way from the walls to their own body to express themselves? Seems fun, right?

Even as we get older, expressing ourselves and our story should still be done which is why tattoos are great! You can stick them anywhere, especially the designs that have meaning for you. I don’t know about you but I have three tattoos and I’m always contemplating getting more.

But sometimes, it’s hard to condition yourself into getting a permanent one. And that’s totally cool. Tattoos can now be placed on different surfaces. This can be great for testing them or you can also use them as a marketing tool for your business.

Can’t decide how to use tattoos? I’ve found the perfect solution: Inkbox!

How do tattoos fit into promoting your business?

Tattoos are a great way to remind, express, and share our own story in a unique way. 

With Inkbox, you can always try different designs you connect with which can help you decide whether you want them in your body permanently or not because they’re temporary. 

You can use tattoos to spice up your marketing strategy, too. Do something you wouldn’t normally do and use them to promote your brand by sticking them on the weirdest places to get attention!


10 ways to use tattoos in business: 

  1. Promoting your brand in fun corporate events

  2. Using them in festivals

  3. Incorporating them in hen parties

  4. For promotional campaigns

  5. Adding fun in an advertisement for charity, sporting, or community events

  6. Amazing gorilla marketing

  7. Giving them as a Christmas present

  8. Giveaway for loyal customers 

  9. Stick them anywhere -- on your tires, glass, energy drinks and more! 

  10. Hire an influencer for a day where they’ll stick your branded logo on them. They’ll be like a walking advertisement!

Photo via Reddit

Photo via Reddit

How Inkbox works 

Why Inkbox is different from the rest

  • Their tattoos last up to 1-2 weeks.

  • They use a patented semi-permanent tattoo technology so the tattoo looks authentic and last long.

  • Their ink doesn’t contain PPD or other harsh chemicals that could be dangerous to your skin.

  • You can create or choose from the awesome designs they have!

Make your body a canvas full of art! 

Check out more of my designs here!

Can’t get enough of tattoos?

Tattoos are really fun and easy to use! Whether it’s for your body or your brand, you’ll never run out of creative ways to use it. And luckily, temporary tattoos exist. There are lots of unique designs to choose from, especially when you’re not sure where to permanently stick them yet. 

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