The Importance of Website Copywriting

Today I have a guest blog from an amazing copywriter that I have teamed up with, Gemma Knight from Gemma is a copywriter specialising in all forms of digital content. From webpages to blog articles, and newsletters to email marketing, she does it all. Gemma wants to help you find the words to promote and grow your business. My lastest blog post was about how much does a website cost and I wanted to dive into something else that your website may need, copy!

What is Website Copywriting?

Copywriting is any written business material that has been crafted to grow brand awareness, educate readers, sell a product or service, or to encourage readers to take an action like join an email database. Copy is absolutely everywhere. It is in advertisements, websites, brochures, emails, newsletters, catalogues and social media.

Why is Website Copywriting Important?

Because copy is absolutely everywhere, you need yours to stand out. It needs to be well written, well constructed and created with your target audience in mind. If your target market are interested in lawn mowers, then there is no point writing about baby bottles.

Here are a few areas that copywriting can help… 

Brand Image

A well designed, professional looking website is vital for the success of any business. But the prettiest website in the world will not convince people to stay if there are no words to say what your business can do for them.

The tone that you use will show them what your brand image is. Are you professional, humorous, serious, or credible? Carefully constructed website copy will let your customers know what you do, how you do it, and why they should choose you over hundreds of other businesses who offer the same services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO refers to the traffic that comes to your website from search engines. Good SEO means that your website, or blog article will appear on the first page of a search result. Copywriting can help you achieve this by…

  • Providing regular quality content for your readers. The more valuable content that you provide on your website, the more authority search engines will give you. That means that they will prefer to show your website in search results, over other similar websites.

  • Researching the relevant terms that people type into the search engine, and using them in your webpages

Reader Satisfaction

Writing for your readers is very important. Knowing your target audience, and tailoring your content towards them will mean that they will want to stay and read. And if they stay and read, you can give them guidance on the next steps in the buying journey.

Make it easy for your readers to find the information that they need. Then you can get them to find out more information on a product or service, sign up for your newsletter, or purchase something from you.

It’s a Team Effort

All the words in the world won’t get your readers to do what you want them to without a professional looking website. If words aren’t your thing, then consider hiring a copywriter to help with the content for your website. Copywriters have expertise in writing great content, just like designers have expertise in creating website.

Website designers and copywriters work together to deliver a beautiful and content-rich website for you and your customers.

This post was written by Gemma from Gemma Knight Writes

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