My Squarespace Design Web Packages

I’ve tried lots of platforms, apps, and websites. Since I started my own website in 2015, I’ve searched for the perfect platform that can help me not only build a career but also take my passion to the next level. Luckily, I found it all in Squarespace and its perfect for almost all clients.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an owner of small or medium-sized business and you’re looking for a designer for your Squarespace website then let’s chat!

Want a look into my process? Or read through whats included in my packages, keep reading! I’ll help you to design and launch your website successfully. 


Transparency is important for me especially because I want to make sure that my clients can trust me with their business and projects. My client’s happiness is my happiness so I treat all my projects with personal, extra attention and good service. 

My work process and prices for each package can be easily accessed on my website. That way, everyone who visits Simply Whyte Design will have an idea about the packages and see if my services fit their needs. They’re also there to make the process smoother and to establish the expectations from myself and my clients on what’s going to happen once we start working together.

Squarespace Design Web Packages

Each will have their own additional content per package but here’s an overview of all my Squarespace Design Web Packages: 


One page design package 

Investment $699+GST | Time frame: 1 week 

If you want to update your sales page or events page, or if you want to have a simple landing page then this package is the one for you! It includes simple functionality like FAQ accordions, testimonials sliders, countdown timers, linking to courses or newsletter signups. It's also a good idea to combine the one-page site with some Google Adwords.

Check out more about this package here!

oxgenwebsite+header+copy (1).png

Squarespace design package

Investment $2999+GST | Time frame: 3-4 weeks

Looking for someone who can build your website better? This package is for you! This one is perfect for a website with up to 8 web pages with simple functionality like video headers, FAQ accordions and basic coding. 

Click this link to find out more about this package! 


Squarespace ecommerce package

Investment $4999+GST | Time frame: 3-5 weeks

Upgrade your shop and showcase your products. This package is perfect for boutique shops with up to 15 products or more. You can also add 15 web pages!

Find out what else you can find in this wonderful package in this link!


Premium Squarespace design package

Investment $6999+GST | Time frame: 4-6 weeks

Get most of our services with this premium package. This is perfect for websites with up to 20 web pages with custom functionality and third-party apps like booking forms, file uploads, membership sites, advanced coding, or just larger websites. 

Treat your business like royalty and get the content of this package!

Website content kit ad on

Investment $1500+GST | Time frame: 2-3 weeks

Don’t have a copy or photos for your site yet? You can have up to 20 curated stock photo options for your website! We’ll take care of them for you. 

Learn more about this package now!

Can’t decide yet? No rush! You can always read everything here to see more of what each package entails.

How it works

Here’s a guideline on the process:

  1. First, there's the initial consultation. Tell us about yourself, your business, and the type of help you need. 

  2. We’ll both sign a contract to ensure that we're both protected before we begin working together.

  3. You'll need to pay a 25% deposit to secure your spot in our schedule. The 75% is due after the project is complete BUT before the final files are sent. 

  4. There will be a scheduled time slot for your project. The start date and a live date means everything is expected to be completed within this time frame. 

  5. Complete your online briefs before the start date.

  6. See the overall process and progress in the client portal we set up for you.

  7. Once we're ready to show our work, we will require you to give your feedback through our online form system.

  8. The 75% is due for the final payment after everything’s complete. Any files you need will be shared with you in the client Dropbox folder. 

We use Dubsado with our clients to keep everything secure and orderly. There’s a client portal you can access any time which holds every detail of your project although you still receive everything on your primary email.

You can learn more about the client portal on my blog post "How my Dubsado client portal works".


Got some questions? I might have answered them here!

  1. What do I need to prepare?

    Before the start of the project date, you will have your brief(s) completed along with any other requirements like your Pinterest board or inspiration, photos, and copy. We can’t begin our process if this isn’t completed. 

  2. Anything else?

    A domain name and unless you purchased the website content kit, you also need words and imagery for your website.

  3. Is Squarespace the right platform for me?

    Squarespace is one of the most versatile platforms but you can see it for yourself, too. Just sign up at Squarespace for a free trial and check everything that it has to offer. 

  4. What if I need lots of help/changes AFTER we finish working together?

    I'm always happy to help but I do charge my hourly rate after projects finish unless you are on the premium package which comes with 1 week of support. Another option is to chat directly with Squarespace, use their knowledge base, and follow their video tutorials which are all for free! 

  5. Can we have a face to face meeting?

    Due to the nature of the fast turnaround times and how we run the business, it is generally best to contact us over Skype, email or phone.

  6. Do you offer payment plans?

    We take a 25% deposit to book your job and the rest of the payment is due at the end of the job.

  7. How do I pay you?

    We currently accept bank deposits, credit card payment, and Paypal. (Credit card payments and overseas payments do have merchant fees)

  8. What currency are your prices in?

    All our prices on our website are in NZD since we’re based in New Zealand. Use this currency converter to find out what our prices are in your currency.

  9. How can I give you changes?

    The best way to give us changes when we’re working on a project together is via email. 

Have more questions? Let’s chat! Get in touch and we can set up a time. 

Let’s work together

Got an amazing business idea you need help bringing to life? Time to refresh your existing brand? Ready to get serious and connect with your customers with a stunning Squarespace site?

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