How to increase productivity by time blocking

It feels great when a lot of work comes our way. However, a packed day doesn't always mean productive especially if everything on your to-do list is not always accomplished.

Entering the world of entrepreneurship overwhelmed me. These days, there’s just so much to do -- social media, blog posts, and content marketing. I didn’t have a guideline on what to do, where to start, what process to follow, and which tools to use.

But then, I see all these people really smashing social media and getting a lot of content out that’s really attracting the clients and making their business work. I decided to look for a way to achieve a stress-free and more productive day by time blocking.

Never heard of time blocking before? Get ready coz I’m about to change your life!

What is time blocking?

Time blocking really helps me become more productive. It's a time management method where you devote your time to finish your work by planning your day or tasks in a series of time blocks.

It has taken me 3 years to actually figure everything out. In a nutshell, I take a day out of a week or a month where I do all the admin work. You may think that using a day or week won’t cut it because there’s just so much to do. But with the right process, dedication, and tools, YOU CAN get things done.

Why would you time block?

The simple answer is because it just removes that overwhelming and stressful feeling of having piles of admin and content that you can’t accomplish in your desired time.

I personally found that once you start planning your admin days and content, you become way more productive. For a day, you focus your time to get things done and you actually create great stuff because you concentrate your time and energy on that task without getting distracted.

It’s better than doing this task every single day. Let’s face it: admin sucks. Creating content this way and batching it just makes your life a whole lot easier.

How does it work?

The aim is to try and do all your admin in a set of time so you can focus the rest of your time doing more important things like your actual work. So, the overall idea is to try to dedicate a whole day in doing your admin work and really going all out.

Here is an example of how I use time blocking when creating content for my blog and social media:

Block 1

For example, I've started to dedicate one whole day to planning all of my content and drafting out ideas of what to post for my blog, social media, and email list.

I use a template that I created and that helps me plan my 3 months. That way, I get to keep them fresh and I don't get drowned by the amount of content there is to actually think of.

Block 2

After I have planned all my content for the first three months, I start creating content like graphics, videos, or opt-ins, and products.

Block 3

Once the content has all been planned, written, and created, it's time to schedule life away. That's where tools come in handy.

Here are the tools I use every single day. I highly recommend that you check them out because honestly, I have spent years trying every single thing under the sun. These are definitely tried and tested:

  1. Later - Schedule your Instagram posts to save time. You can do lots of things here: manage multiple accounts, schedule photo, and video posting, reposting, analytics, and use uploading tools.

    Sign up to Later to get 10 extra posts for free every month!

  2. Tailwind - I use it to schedule Pinterest posts but you can schedule Instagram post with this app too.

  3. Google sheets or excel - This is a great tool for planning content. Plus, you get to share it with collaborators.

  4. Google Docs - If you’re not in the mood for writing, you can just dictate your thoughts for your blog and organise everything later.

  5. Trello - You can organise process here because the boards help view the steps easier.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Plan your time

Good time management is necessary to become successful. It helps anyone in the long run. You worry less and you get to use your energy on things that matter.

Time blocking really helps me with my work. I dedicate some time to do all my admin work which is great because I actually accomplish things! I also focus more on my task which I noticed is actually more productive than switching and getting out of track.

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