How to give feedback to your designer that will get results

If you are working with your designer and the output is not what you are expecting there are things you can do to manage this. Believe it or not it's actually a mixture of communicating in a way that people understand as well as being direct and certain with what you want.

As a designer a clients input is really important and totally necessary to guide the design process. Designers may not get everything right on the first try. That’s okay; it’s part of the process. 

Here’s how you can provide a designer with effective feedback that will help the process. This will in turn get you what you want/need. 

Effective Feedback

Be honest. If you don’t like something, your designer need to know, you wont hurt their feelings.

Be specific. Point out what, exactly, is not working for you, and why it’s not working.

Ask why. If you aren’t sure what the thinking was behind and idea,  your designer will be able to explain the reasoning. Everything is done for a reason.

Refer to your goals. Relate every piece of criticism back to your goals.

Relate to your audience. Your audience should be top of mind for every decision or critique that you provide. What do they need? What will they love? What will attract them?


Not So Effective Feedback

Involve everyone you know in the creative process. Its fine to get a few people opinions but your are the expert on your company and its audience. You know that saying too many cooks and not enough chefs? 

Take things personally. If your designer missed the mark, together you need to figure out why and move closer to the target. If your designer doesn't agree with you on something, it’s because they are thinking about your goals and your audience. It’s not personal at all, they are just looking out for your brand.

Feedback. It’s best to give written or verbal instructions about what isn’t working or if its easier to show a colour or style. I like to use Pinterest for this.

At the end of the day you are working as team with your designer and you want the best outcome so if you follow these guidelines on giving feedback it will really help!

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