How Much Does a Website Cost?

Websites can be tricky. A lot of small business owners ask me, "Is it really necessary?" In my opinion having a professionally designed site is THE most important thing you can purchase for your business. If you are really serious about your business and want to be seen and seen as a professional business then having a GOOD website is a must.

Freelancer, Agency, or DIY

Depending on your budget, how big your business is and what type of website you need will also dictate where you get your website built.

Freelancer: I won't lie, I will be biased because I feel that freelancers are mystical creatures a lot like websites. They are sometimes one person but have the skills of many. Because they don't have the overhead costs of a large agency their prices tend to be a bit more competitive and really range all over the place depending on how much that freelancers experience and time is worth. Hourly rates can vary from $50-$200

Agency: If you are looking for a team to handle your websites needs, or need something so custom that only an agency can handle then they are your go to people, also some agencies offer a platform or a designer that is there trademark. While their website prices can start from $10,000 you do get a whole team working on your site, usually with different ranges of experience. You will typically get an Art Director, Designer, Studio Manager or Account Manager and a Developer. 

DIY: If you feel ok about putting in the hard yards to research on what the best platform is for you, learn the platform, come up with a design and then implement it. Although as a business owner you need to Invest in your business to help it grow. So if you don't have the budget right now for a designer look forward to the future when your business has become a bit more profitable and aim to get one. Even if you do look at this option there are still costs involved.

How much does a website cost?

I know you want to hear the exact amount and while I do put prices up on my site, it really does depend on a few things.

  • What customisation do you need?

  • Do you need photography? or are you using stock photos?

  • Do you need copywriting for your website?

  • What kind of functionality does your website need?

  • How many custom graphics are required?

  • How many pages will it have? and what will the content be?

  • Do you need training on how to manage and maintain the site?

  • Do you need support after it's built?

  • If you are doing DIY you need to work out how much time you are losing working on that and not in your business.

But I hear you. You need to know how MUCH it's going to cost because like most of us, your pockets are not bottomless. If they were, you probably would be doing something else.

Let’s break it down

  • A domain name will cost about $15-20 per year.

  • Web hosting will cost, on average, between $20 and $200 per year (and up) depending on your needs and your website’s traffic.

  • If you are hiring a photographer prices can vary, stock images can be between $10-$100 each

  • Copywriting can cost between $50-$100 depending on how many words/pages you need

  • WordPress itself is free and Squarespace has all its fees built into the hosting fee.

  • If you are building a site on Wordpress there are free plugins to help you with customisation but there are also paid. Plugins can range from free-$200

I build all my clients sites on Squarespace which is a great platform to have your site on. If you need to do a bit of research on what platform to use, give Squarespace a try. You can sign up for a FREE TRIAL and check it out. 

What now?

So now you have a fair idea of what a website can cost, just like any project you are embarking on for your business, do a bit of research, find out who you want to do your website and want you to need to get you going. 

*Please note that the prices listed here are estimations and are not final

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