Get to Know the Lady Behind Simply Whyte Design

I've probably spent way too long writing this blog post, as it's been a hard one to write! Writing about yourself is a teeny bit weird and interviewing yourself is even stranger, but hey, I'm doing it because I want you guys to get to know the face behind the work and hopefully make a real-world connection.

Who are you?

Hi, (insert geeky wave) I’m Jo. I’m a full-time freelance designer and my goal is to help small- and medium-sized businesses make a big impact with their design. I specialise in brand design, digital design, and Squarespace website design. 


⭐️ I work really freaking hard, mushrooms gross me out and I love horror movies. I have a secret addiction to Peter Andre and Shaggy, 
⭐️ I spent two years at a design studio sitting next to a crazy Macedonian who taught me everything
⭐️ I believe that collaboration, not competition

One of the reasons I love design is because there is so much to learn and do. It feels like a big world that I can explore that never ends.

What’s your educational background?


I completed a Level 6 Diploma of Computer Graphic Design from ACG Yoobee School of Design. My two years working for Toast, one of the best agencies and run by two of the funniest guys ever who helped me gain valuable studio design experience. Aside from that, I have marketing experience working at an insurance company for four years where I learned a lot about marketing. 


How did Simply Whyte Design start off?

Simply Whyte Design started off in 2015, with little old me and a huge dream. I was working at my corporate job and I just felt like I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. When I decided to leave my job and take myself off to study it was the best life decision I have ever made. 

When I started Simply Whyte Design I wanted to help those who wanted to make a big impact with their design and have a personal relationship with their designer. I was coming across too many small to medium-sized businesses who hadn’t had things explained to them properly, or who had been through a terrible design process. 

I wanted to bring back the fun in getting creative with having a good process, making it easy to understand and having the most open and transparent two-way communication street I could have so that everyone knew what was happening and it was a team effort.

What are your interests?

Horses, dogs, animals in general, technology and of course design.

I have two horses, Tess and Jack, two dogs, Ruby and Lilly and I’m sure one day the collection will grow. I often take Lilly and Ruby up to the horses and we all go for a ride. 

I also love spending time with my fiancé, Dan, my most favorite date night is going to the movies and seeing some terrible horror movie while he manages to devour a jumbo-sized buttery popcorn. 

I also basically geek out at any technology that helps my business run smoother, faster and more efficient. For example, I have an online booking system where you can book a chat with me, super easy to use and puts the appointments straight in my diary so I know when to call.

Ps also can I count chocolate as an interest?

Who are your clients?

I have such a range of clients that do so many cool things! From coaches to photographers, Recruitments agencies to eyelash extension experts. I love working with a wide range of industry types to challenge my design skills. A lot of designers like to niche down to their most favourite type of clients, or most favourite type of design but I like all design, so its all my favourite.

What are your five top tips for working with you?

  1. Really research what it is that you want and clearly communicate it.

  2. Make sure your work style and communicating style match mine.

  3. Really get to know your ideal client or target audience before starting any design project.

  4. Check out my contract to make sure that you're comfortable with the way I work.

  5. Trust in my design skills and if you don’t understand why something has been done, just ask, there are never any silly questions

What kind of people should look at working with you?

I love to work with people who have startups, have been in business for a while or who just need some smashing design to upgrade their already amazing business. You're the kind of person who knows the value of design and what it can do for your business and trusts that what I’m doing will help you attract your dream clients and make your business look professional. But most of all you are the kind of person who just want to work with an honest, hard-working designer who wants to help and support your business.

Let's work together

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