Files Your Brand Designer Should be Giving You

When you hire a graphic designer to create your brand it's essential that you get a variety of file types and that you know what they are and what they can do.

Organised files

Firstly I don't know about you but if I get a file and it isn't named properly or organised correctly my OCD kicks in big time! Not only that but its kinda hard to navigate around. I like to use Drop Box because people are familiar with it and it works well with my processes.

EPS or AI 

If your logo hasn't been given to you one of these two types of files, it may not be a vector. A vector is something that can be scaled to any size which is what your logo should be because it's going to be used on so many different things.

The size difference between a business card and a billboard is huge so your logo needs to be a vector. If you don't have a vector logo then you take the risk of your logo coming out blurry or unclear if scaled past its maximum size. Now while you might not be able to see it, if you pass this file onto a designer, signwriter etc they should know exactly what to do with it. 


I put a JPG in the print files because clients can't see the content of EPS or AI files and while JPG's are limited to a certain size they still have a use when used correctly in print design.


Just in case clients can't see JPGs then I always put in a PDF of all the logos. Another reason is because I use vector logos, any designer who you send this to will be able to pull out the logos from the PDF Although this is not always the case, so to stay safe always go with the AI or EPS files.



PNG's are great when you need to use your logo on the web and you need a transparent background.


JPGs are the opposite of PNG, they have a white background. 


I only put this one in the client files if it's requested by another web developer. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic, and from what I've written so far I hope you're still with me.

What to do now?

Go check your files! See which ones you have. Set up your own drop box folder and organise your files so that you can easily keep everything in check. 

brand audit checklist.png


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