A behind the scenes look at my logo and brand design process

For years, we have been developing a unique design process for all our clients so the experience would be smooth flowing and easier. That way, the focus will be on the creative aspects rather than the admin tasks. The unique process and tools that we use were developed to help you have more time, freedom, and to make you feel more comfortable on what’s going to happen next.

Our core values play an important role in the whole process. Innovation, imagination, education, honesty and community is vital -- hence the transparency of all our prices and packages on the website. We want you, the client, to be informed about what you’re going to expect on the project so we're clear about everything we do.

Want a sneak peek of our design process? Let’s dive in!

Why going through a process is beneficial for clients

For starters, we can’t really work on a project right away without getting to know each other first. We want to know you and your company a bit better to see the areas where we can help. We believe each step is integral to the whole design process and as a client, you will need to cooperate to make sure the results will come out well. 

You have more experience in your industry and you know your business by heart which is valuable to brand creation. Combining that with our knowledge in designing ensures that the brand is coming to life based on what it's really meant to be. 

But why else is it important to go through a process? 

Collaboration - Finding solutions together is great especially when it comes to preferences and other objective opinions about your brand. 

Trust -  We need to build trust because we are working on something important to you and we want to make sure we’re doing our best for that work. 

Feedback - The design will be for your business and not for our personal interest. You also know the business and the industry better so feedback is great for developing the design concepts and ideas. 

Everything works smoothly if we communicate and work really well for your brand. Now let’s check out the process for creating logos and brand design!

Logo & Branding design process:

See how the magic begins in creating logos and brand designs through this process. Here's a weekly representation of our timeline. Every stage can move faster or slower depending on how we work together and how quickly feedback can come in. 

2 weeks before the project

Sign your contract and pay a 25% deposit to secure your spot. This will book in your project.

Welcome on board

As we work a little differently than normal studios, we will send you a welcome email with all the details you need to start working with us. 


Briefs are essential to start the creative process. We will send you everything online so sit down with a glass of wine and take some time to tell us what you would like your brand to be. Our online form is very clever and you can upload inspiration, write as much as you like and really get down to the details. The more specific you can be with your instructions, the better the design will come out. 

Stage 1: Mood board 

First we create a mood board which visually gives us a starting block to create the rest of your brand. We’ll use your brief and any inspiration you have sent us to create your mood board. We collect a range of photos, illustrations, patterns, logos and anything else that when brought together starts to create the main inspiration for us to create your concepts.

Stage 2: Logo Concepts

Once the mood board is complete we’ll go and design three concepts for you. These concepts are based on the brief, inspiration and mood board that we have just created. 

Stage 3: Refining the concepts and creating your brand board

We will present three logo options to you. Choose the one that suits your brand the most and we will refine it three more times. By now, we will have a good idea of what everything should look like and we will start to create your brand board. 

A brand board is something that brings all your elements together in one place so you can instantly see what your brand looks like. It's also a good quick reference guide to keeping your brand consistent.

Stage 4: Final Files

The final files will finally be in your hands! Access them in a Dropbox folder. 

Welcome your new brand to the rest of the world and start using them for your business!


  • There are 2 to 3 rounds of feedback in our branding packages to ensure that we're both on the same page. 

  • The 3 days timeline for each feedback is made to stay on schedule. A feedback form is provided for hassle-free submission.

  • Any changes made outside of the package will be charged at our hourly rate.

Let’s work together!

What do you think of our process? We like detailed and transparent methods to ensure my clients they can entrust their brand with us. This way, we'll also know right away whether we're okay working with each other or not. 

Let’s work together

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